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Forging Connections: Regional Collaboration through Jubilee Networks

Empowering school leaders through collaboration is at the core of Challenge Partners' ethos, a principle that is brought to life by Jubilee Networks. Recently evaluated by ImpactEd, these regional networks provide a safe space for headteachers to cultivate strong, supportive relationships while exploring diverse approaches to school improvement and leadership.

ImpactEd's evaluation underscores the powerful impact of Jubilee Networks in promoting regional collaboration. 94% of participants reported that these networks deepen connections, laying the groundwork for collaborative efforts to enhance educational outcomes. Furthermore, all respondents expressed intent to integrate new knowledge into their long-term strategies, highlighting the networks' role as catalysts for school improvement.

The evaluation also highlights the value of Jubilee Networks in supporting headteachers' professional development. By providing insights and tools applicable to their leadership roles through our collaboration with BTS Spark, Jubilee Networks empower headteachers to drive positive change within their schools.

While celebrating these successes, the evaluation, which you can read here, also suggests recommendations to further amplify the impact of Jubilee Networks. 

Interested in joining a Jubilee Network in your region? Reach out to to find out more.