Subscription for Challenge Partners’ 2024/25 Partnership is Now Live!

This week, Challenge Partners has launched subscription for the 2024/25 partnership year, commencing in September 2024. Schools and Trusts are now able to select their chosen school and/or trust improvement programmes and networks ahead of the new partnership year. We look forward to welcoming schools and trusts into the 2024/25 partnership year, to participate in our Network of Excellence, a professional learning community of over 575 schools and 130 trusts.

While collaboration continues throughout the remainder of the 2023/24 partnership year, we launch our subscription ahead of the following September to support the smoothest transition possible into the new partnership year, maximising collaboration and impact. Signing up early will secure the best prices and give greater choice of Quality Assurance Review dates.

Our early bird price deadline is May 1st, and the final deadline to subscribe is June 14th.


If you are a renewing school or trust, you should have received an email providing a subscription form, and information about your choice of programmes and networks. If you would like more information or a call with the team, contact us via partnershipsteam@challengepartners.org, or by calling 020 7803 4970.

If you are a school or trust who would be new to the partnership and would like to learn more, please:


Schools and Trusts partner with us to make the most of our school improvement programmes:

  • Quality Assurance Review: Take part in a three-day external peer review of your school to identify strengths and challenges as a key part of your school improvement cycle. Send your staff to review other schools as a unique leadership development opportunity
  • SEND Developmental Peer Review: We are excited to offer you the opportunity to take part in our new programme, the SEND Developmental Peer Review, for mainstream schools who would like to focus on enhancing provision and outcomes for pupils with SEND.
  • Growing the Top (for Outstanding schools): Push your school boundaries to become world-class as part of a collaborative trio of Outstanding schools. Visit other schools and create a close-knit network to explore systemic excellence and address challenges
  • Extending Leading Practice (for Good schools): Embark on a journey from good to great in a collaborative trio of like-minded schools. Undertake a series of school visits to explore systemic excellence and challenges, as well as an in-school improvement initiative focused on school improvement

And collaborative networks:

  • Local hub of collaboration: Local groups of schools and trusts agree and pursue CPD and school improvement aims, supported by Challenge Partners hub funding
  • Jubilee Network: Regional networks of headteachers undertake facilitated school visits, exploring school improvement strategies and shared challenges, alongside leadership development and peer coaching

We also offer trust-level programmes for trust leaders:

  • Trust Leaders’ Network: A blended programme of trust and business visits and events, trust peer review opportunities and a leadership residential and annual conference to join policy-shaping conversation
  • Trust Peer Review: An expert-led peer review of trust-wide school improvement, identifying areas of strength and suggesting next steps

Additionally, all partners benefit from our Network of Excellence, featuring a series of National Network Conferences with expert speakers, as well as partner-led Sharing Leading Practice visits. Includes exclusive access to specialist resources in the partners-only area of our website.


If you are a school or trust leader who would like to subscribe for the 2024/25 partnership year, whether renewing your subscription or if Challenge Partners is new to you, please contact us today to learn more and subscribe.


020 7803 4970